Passeggiate a cavallo in Toscana e Umbria

Request informations for your horseback ride

On request, we will make a photos and video during your horse trip with our Horse mounted GoPro camera. So you will not worry to bring your photocamera and full enjoy your ride.

Horseback riding in Tuscany and Umbria

Horseback riding in Chiusi, Montepulciano, Pienza, Chianciano Terme, Val d'Orcia, Città della Pieve, Castiglione del Lago and Trasimeno Lake

Explore the Tuscan countryside in a most delightful way - on horseback. It's a fantastic occasion to feel the life near a horse and discover the nature and our territory. Trekking, excursions and trips on a horse. Our horseback riding trips vary by duration and difficulty (for the begginers we advise rides no more than 2 hours). We ride through vineyards, woods, olive groves and rolling hills to offer you a collection of breathtaking and unforgettable views.

Never took a ride on horse? It's not a problem. Our animals are quiet and sweet, and our personel are very experienced.

Do not hesitate to contact us from our website, we well be happy to give you a possibility to see the world from the another point of view.

The small video of our countryside horse riding tour:

Passeggiate - Andare Cavallo Montepulciano
Passeggiate - A Cavallo A Montepulciano
Passeggiate - Attivita Castiglioncello Trinoro
Passeggiate - Bosco A Cavallo

Passeggiate - Calesse Pony Gita
Passeggiate - Calesse Pony Passeggiata
Passeggiate - Castiglioncello Del Trinoro Passeggiata Cavallo
Passeggiate - Castiglioncello Di Trenoro Passeggiata

Passeggiate - Cavall Gopro
Passeggiate - Cavallo Chianciano Trekking
Passeggiate - Cavallo Lago Di Chiusi
Passeggiate - Cavallo Montepulciano

Passeggiate - Cavalli Montepulciano
Passeggiate - Chiusi A Cavallo
Passeggiate - Escursione Cavallo Montepulciano
Passeggiate - Chiusi Lago Cavallo

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